Official member of  Serial Stepperz  and also Badland, Serge Lopes is one of the most talented dancers of his generation.

Born in Paris in 1981, he grew up in a multicultural world, which naturally open doors of dance.

Initiated in Bboyin that he practices with his brother, he founded his first band in 2000, with which he will discover the spirit of the “circle” and the essence of this dance.

In 2002 he studied Modern dance, jazz, classical, and takes acting classes in the International Dance Academy in Paris.

It was during this period that he was introduced to the hip hop / house culture, and he pursues his dream of traveling to New York where he will discover the spirit clubbing in many places.

Passionate about this universe, it skims the evenings in Paris and abroad, especially in the mythical Djoon.

In 2006 he began his adventure of the competitions, participating in events in France such as “Juste Debout,” the “Cercle Undergroung” and also abroad: The Summer House Dance, Move Deluxe Dance Delight, Urban Champs etc …

In 2008, he joined the company of the famous Spanish choreographer Blanca Li” and choreography and dance for many artists while also throwing in several feature films, such as “Aux armes etc.Audrey Estrougo.

In 2007 he enters into the Serial Stepperz group, with which it will be many scenes as the “Festival de la Villette high voltage” in Paris, “The Breakin Convention” in London, as well as the largest international encounter of Bboyin Battle of the Year 2011 “.

Winning many victories, it marks the spirits with a mythical meeting in final of Juste Debout house 2012 by confronting two other members of Serial Stepperz, Mamson and Babson, alongside his sidekick and partner always Kapela aka Kapelson.

For the last six years, he found many competitions such as the “Battle of the Year hip hop” and “Dance Delight” and delights to teach the world his art, based on the foundations of hiphop culture house, at courses open to all those wishing to explore the universe and the essence of this dance.