Pro training


Hip-hop, in the space of twenty years, became the first amateur arts in France.

With the outbreak of battles, a new generation of hip-hop dancers appear. These virtuoso artists are mostly self-taught form of bitumen, in railway stations, etc … With this generation, born the phenomen  of “crew”, “collective”, instead of the traditional company.

Today the problem is the professionalization, and more specifically the training of hip-hop dancer, as a technical specialist, but also as a performer. The modern hip-hop dancer must be equally efficient on the stage and in competitions.


The training takes place over 3 consecutive years, classes taking place during the day (start in October). The number of hours of training per year is 850 hours.

The first year : “Dancer Training” is focused on mastering basic techniques of all disciplines in hip-hop (locking, popping, house, bboying, hip hop newstyle). You follow parallel courses of modern jazz, classical, tap, traditional African dance, history of hip hop, musicality, muscular strengthening, AFCMD (functional analysis of the body in dance movement)

The second year : “Interpreter Training” focuses on development of technical skills and openness to other dance styles, on knowledge of the choreographic process and modes of composition. The second year becomes more specific with more theoretical courses in all disciplines, as well as courses in anatomy, achieving of stage creations, more advanced courses in history of hip hop and art history.

The third year : “Specialization and Professionalization”, training under professional preparation at the scene and scenario.
It is dedicated to achievement of project specific to each, so to specialization, with modular courses and a more personalized personal research, and the achievement of a graduation project.

Graduation, career opportunities
Training leads, if successful examinations, at the awarding of a JUST DEBOUT SCHOOL diploma. Certification of title for inclusion in the National Directory of Professional Certification is pending. School proceeds, during the past year, to the linking of industry professionals dance (choreographers, agents, producers) with students in order to facilitate their integration into the workplace.

Training helps to bring the dancer to professionalization by different axes :

– Control of all forms of hip hop dance

– Lexical and terminology  knowledge of hip hop dances

– Historical knowledge of arts into hip hop culture

– Development the technique of the dancer and expanding its technical repertoire throught the introduction to other dances (Classical, African, Tap…)

– Identification of dance movement to allow students to build their own movement and to develop creativity

– The discovery of choreographic work thanks to the meeting of choreographers with a singular universe

– The acquisition of legal knowledge and legal framework of the professional hip hop dancer

– Preparation for battles

– Support for employability (contacts between professionals and dancers, achievement of press book, video book, etc.).


Assistance and monitoring of students throughout their career

– A team of speakers recognized in their discipline

– Ongoing assessment of the student by his teachers and teacher evaluation by each student

– A firm of osteopathy in the School

– For non-French speaking students, courses of French as a Foreign Language are offered within the School